Thursday, September 08, 2011

Scene This Week In…

It’s been a pretty wet week in HoCo. Though Lee was only a tropical storm it bought more rain with it than Hurricane Irene last week. For the residents of the historic district in Ellicott City, today was a day of pumping out basements, mopping up floors, and even getting rocks off cars.

The surprising thing was how quickly the county was able to get things back to normal. Last night the bridge over the Patapsco River leading in Baltimore County was closed. This morning it was back in business, though the water level in the river still wasn’t that far below the deck.

Columbia fared a little better in the storm. In Town Center the pier that stretches out into Lake Kittaqundi was under still under water this morning. Over at Wilde Lake the water continued raging over the dam.
Not everyone was bothered by the tropical storm deluge. This heron perched atop the dam seemed content just watching the passing waters.
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