Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seeing Triple

Earlier in the year Mama Wordbones and I stopped by a 3D television display in an electronics store. After watching a few minutes of sample videos wearing the requisite 3D glasses we both concluded that this was not for us. In addition to feeling that we’d soon grow tired of always wearing the glasses to watch movies, we also considered that these glasses would just be another thing to break or get misplaced. We have a hard enough time with remotes.

It just didn’t seem worth it.

That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about new smart phones that can screen 3D videos without wearing 3D goggles. LG now has an Android phone that produces 3D images that you can watch sans specialized spectacles. When I saw this video today I thought that LG might really be on to something.

It is a pretty cool demonstration of the technology but perhaps not truly representative of the actual mobile phone experience. As Amar Toor concluded in this review on Engadget “it's hard for us to call LG's 3D technology anything other than a gimmick, but it's still a fun gimmick…”
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