Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Things about Food

Back in December I posted about East Moon Asian Bistro coming to Shipley’s Grant in Columbia. Then nothing happened for awhile and I was beginning to wonder if the deal had tanked.

Apparently not…last week when I was in that part of town I noticed that construction for the new restaurant is well underway. Judging from the looks of things I’d say they are on track for a late summer opening.

And speaking of nothing happening, for two years now I’ve heard the staff at T-Bonz talk about a the impending arrival of an outdoor patio. From the looks of things I’d have to say that it won’t be this summer.

The Shady Oaks Grill Room at the Timbers at Troy public golf course is finally opened though I wouldn’t make a special trip to Elkridge to check it out. When Mama Wordbones and I stopped by just before the 4th weekend we found the place to be a bit sterile. The worst transgression was that they served us draft beer in a plastic cup. That’s okay for college keg parties and the odd occasion when you run short on glasses but there were less than five people in the bar at the time.

There is potential here. The bar has a nice outside deck overlooking the 18th hole and if they get their act together it could provide a nice HoCo alternative to those outdoor dining places that overlook parking lots. Right now I would charitably call Shady Oaks a work in progress.
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