Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Pow and No Wow

Yesterday Peanut and I rode out to the HoCo Fairgrounds to take in the Native American Pow Wow. It was the first time we had attended this “American Indian Show and Festival.”

It will likely be our last time as well.

The ten dollar admission fee lets you browse through booths selling a variety of Native American stuff, much of which was made somewhere in Asia. There as entertainment of course but I can only sit and listen to a guy blowing mind numbing notes on a flute for so long.

We also sampled some of the supposedly Native American food which included “Indian Tacos” and “curley fries.” Neither of these was impressive.

It was kind of cool however to peek into the now empty animal exhibit buildings and realize that in just two short weeks the place will be buzzing with activity as the 66th Annual HoCo County Fair gets underway.
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