Friday, July 08, 2011

Wet Paint

One of the HoCo summer events Rachelina Bonacci talked about on "and then there's that..." was the plein air event. Showing an utter lack of sophistication, I had to ask her what that was.

It’s French of course. It means “open air,” for those of us who should have paid more attention in French class. Today, through Sunday, a group of juried artists will spend the weekend in Ellicott City painting out in the open air. Afterwards, their works will be on exhibit at the Howard County Arts Council.

We go weeks without rain around here but no sooner do the artists hit the HoCo loco streets than Mother Nature decides to exert a little of her own artistic influence on the scene.

Weather did not deter these two painters though. Lynn Metha and Bob Jansto demonstrated why a car with a hatchback is a practical choice for the plein air practitioner.

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