Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Inbox

People send me stuff and for that I am grateful. Most of the time I am able to use the stuff in a post somewhere. Some stuff I get is from readers asking to me plug an event. Other stuff that I get simply defies categorization.

Take the Allen Dyer and vampires story for instance. A reader, whose curiosity about Allen's younger years was piqued after reading this story by Joe Burris in The Sun this week, sent me a newspaper clipping about the embattled school board members early fascination with vampires.

It appears that Mr. Dyer was well ahead of his time. While a high school student at Lincoln High School in Seattle, Allen wrote and produced a film entitled “I Was a Teenage Vampire.”

During the filming our young Alfred Hitchcock caused a little stir when one of his props, a coffin, prompted a call to the police when someone mistook it for a body.

"Police responded to a report of a body on the north bank of the canal and then dug up the empty coffin."

 The article in the paper went on to mention Allen and his movie, demonstrating that he had developed an early appreciation for any kind of publicity.

I also received a note from reader and commenter, Running With Scissors. Scissors and his wife Suzy are playing a benefit at The Whiskey in Annapolis  on Friday July 29th from 8 to 11:30 PM to raise money for Jenny Jones. Jenny is the mother of the 14 year kid who was killed by a group of teenagers in his Crofton neighborhood at four o’clock in the afternoon while riding his bike. As if that wasn’t tragic enough she recently lost her husband to cancer too.

“Come out and hear some great music while supporting a great cause! Suzy Estrada (2011 Annapolis Idol Winner) with guitarist Joe Burcham and Danielle Massarini (2007 Annapolis Idol Winner) will both be performing upstairs. There is a $10 cover charge and all proceeds will benefit the Paul Adkins Memorial Fund. See you there!”

Keep those cards and letters coming folks….
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