Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Evolution of Grassroots

When Grassroots first opened in the early ‘70’s it was a kind of hippie crash pad staffed largely by well meaning but untrained staff. Today it is a much different organization. From crisis intervention to providing shelter to HoCo’s homeless population, the organization has become a vital component of HoCo’s social services. For the past twenty two years that growth has been guided by Andrea Ingram. Until Friday I had never really had the chance to sit down and talk with her. I liked her immediately.

Andrea is a HoCo lady too. She moved to Columbia in 1974 and her three kids went to Hammond High School.

She also reminded us that, for Grassroots crisis counselors, the Fourth of July holiday is treated just like any other major holiday. They expect to be busy.

With the HoCo loco pool drama continuing to build we thought it might be interesting to get the bills sponsor to come on. We hoped she could update us on where things stood. It was and she did.

You can listen to 44th episode of “and there’s that…” here.
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