Monday, July 25, 2011

Precious Stones

While it certainly doesn’t compare with Carmeggedon, the closing of College Avenue in Ellicott City is still a pain in the axle for those who live in the area. The worst part is that it won’t reopen again for a couple of months.

Today I stopped by the work site to see what it was that could possibly take two months to fix. I found out that the culprit is 800 feet of retaining wall that failed.

Now you may wonder, as I did, how on earth it could take two months to replace 800 feet of retaining wall.

“It’s the historic district,” the foreman told me.

That makes it a historic retaining wall. Each stone from the wall had to be preserved so that they can be put back in their original space.

It’s seems a bit of overkill for a wall that few are ever likely to see.
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