Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Continuing Ed

My real estate license expires at the first week of August. That means, in addition to forking over ninety bucks, I have to complete fifteen hours of continuing before then. As of the beginning of summer I had none. As of today I have twelve.

Three more to go.

I’ve had a real estate license for about thirty years. During that time the continuing ed requirement has changed a couple of times, some for good some not so much. For a brief period, the commission allowed licensees who held their license for twenty years or more to only take six hours of continuing ed. That was sweet but unfortunately short lived.

It’s not that all bad. Classes can now be taken online which is certainly preferable to sitting in a classroom. In fact I took an online class today. That’s why I didn’t post anything earlier. I was in class.

If I had posted earlier I would have written about the story of Nichole Kelly who tweeted the birth of her child at HoCo General. I first read it about in the Well and Wise blog and later read Amanda Yeagers coverage of the twittered birth in Explore Howard where it currently ranks as “Most Viewed." Nichole told the reporter “we thought 'this would be a perfect opportunity for people to see a little bit of the personal side of me…”

Ya think!

I have to admit that I am pretty old school in my thinking about this. I probably would have been more comfortable with how babies were delivered in the fifties. You know, when Mom would be off in some unseen delivery room while Dad cools his heels in the delivery lounge awaiting for the Doc to say “You can go in and see her now.”

That wasn’t how it played out for me though. I was right in the thick of things as the blessed event occurred. I even spent something like twelve weeks learning the Bradley Method beforehand. Talk about continuing ed!

Anyway, Nichole’s Twittering and contracting left me wondering what we will see next on the social media baby delivery front lines.

Live streaming video perhaps?

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