Saturday, July 23, 2011

Placing Blame

Recently, when a commenter to this post accused me of being a racist, a friend asked how I felt about it. I responded that I always consider the source before giving such comments any weight. Besides I told her, “I’ve been called worse. I’ve even been called a Democrat.”

I mention this since my next statement is likely to invoke of chorus of responses dismissing me as nothing more (or less) of being a left leaning partisan hack. If the United States of America goes into default for the first time in the history of this great nation, I will lay the primary blame at the feet of the Republican Party.

I also understand that the Democrats share some of the responsibility for this mess. The true negotiations and positions of the two parties are not always presented accurately in the media. There are subtleties, intentionally vague statements and nuances in every negotiation between the protagonists. Accusations of misleading intentions and a rehash of history of past transgressions are a natural byproduct of this well practiced political doublespeak.

Still, these are all skilled politicians who should know better. For the most part, they didn’t make a jump directly from school board to Congress. They all understand the importance of maintaining a balance between getting reelected with the concept of serving the greater good. That isn’t always easy to do when the going gets tough. While it may play well in papers and with the radical fringe when you walk away from negotiations with the president twice it can hardly be considered working for the greater good of the country.

Oh sure, I realize that some truly believe that the government needs to be brought to its knees in order to save it from itself. That however, is simply being irresponsible. While it may accomplish the goal of solving the deficit crisis in the long term it comes with a high price tag of economic pain in the short term, just when the country can ill afford it. With unemployment still in the double digits in at least seven states this is hardly the time for pushing the government into a default of its financial obligations.

You can call me what you will for placing the blame for the budget impasse on the GOP, just please don’t call me a Democrat.
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