Thursday, June 23, 2011

Corner Stable Coming to HoCo?

Earlier this week I received a call from Darrell Nevin, a HoCo loco commercial real estate colleague. Darrel wanted to know if I had heard the rumor about The Corner Stable opening a second location in Columbia. His information was that they were looking at the space formerly occupied by Michael's Pub in the Kings Contrivance Village Center in Columbia.

Not only had I not heard that, I had also never heard of The Corner Stable, but then again I’m not a northern Baltimore guy. The Corner Stable has been a mainstay in Cockeysville since 1972. Their crab cakes were singled out for praise in this review by Karen Nitkin in The Sun six years ago.

“At 8 ounces, they're larger than hockey pucks and made with nothing but jumbo lumps of meat. The moist interior, gently tweaked with just a few spices to bring out the sweetness of the crab, is held together with a tender golden crust.”

I attempted to reach the owners through their Facebook page but have yet to get a response to my inquiry about Columbia. A representative of Kimco, the owners of the Kings Contrivance Village Center told me that though there is no lease yet, I did get the impression that the two parties are talking. 
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