Monday, June 27, 2011

Fertile Ground for Blog Posts

As a self acknowledged HoCo loco politico junkie, I love being able to watch the proceedings of our county council and school board online. Since October of 2009, a new video system started recording all of the council proceedings. I believe the school board started doing the same soon thereafter.  It’s not as good as being there but its pretty close and lot more convenient. 

The part I like best part is that the Granicus system allows me to embed video portions of the meetings. In other words, I can do a sort of “greatest hits” for the readers of Tales of Two Cities so you don’t have to sit through the boring stuff.

This could be a never ending source of posts.

Right now private pools are a hot loco topic. I found this exchange between Courtney Watson and Cecilia Januszkiewicz to be particularly entertaining.
There was also an interesting exchange between Calvin Ball and the officers of the Watermont Swim Club at today’s legislative work session on the same bill (CB30-2011). They haven’t put up the link to that meeting yet but as soon as they do I’ll post it.

I hope this trend gets picked up by CA. I'm counting on Tom Coale to get them hooked up with Granicus too. Maybe their Community Engagement Strategist can help him out with that!
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