Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Conflicting Interests

Back in January of 2010, George and Holly Stone beat out five other development teams to win the right to redevelop the site of the former Gateway School in Clarksville. In this article by Larry Carson in The Sun, the Stones plan for a mixed used development centered around an environmentally friendly “green” hotel was hailed by county executive Ken Ulman as an “exciting, visionary, inspirational" mix.”

Seventeen months later, the only thing the project has generated so far is animosity. The Stones and the county are frustrated with two neighboring businesses over allowing access to the proposed development through their properties.

According to this latest update on the development, the county exec is frustrated by the impasse in negotiations and may resort to using strong arm tactics to move the project forward.

“The bottom line, Ulman said, is that "the county has to protect its interest in full access to this property. What I'm hoping happens next is that people have to work together and provide access."

If the county forces the neighboring businesses to accept a deal they believe to be detrimental to their business, the next step will likely be litigation.

If that happens the only green in this project for the foreseeable future will be the lawyers fees.
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