Friday, June 10, 2011

Montevideos Revenge

Some of the opponents of the Elkridge / Hanover intermodal site have been promoting the site off of Montevideo road in Jessup as a better alternative. They argue that far fewer residences would be impacted in this location than the Hanover site.

Not so fast say the Montevideoans.

In this story by Elizabeth Janney in Elkridge Patch, the residents who live near the potential Montevideo site, Rusty Bristow, vice president of the Jessup Improvement Association takes issue with that claim.

“Bristow and several others at the June 6 JIA meeting said that they had physically counted more than 200 homes within a quarter mile of the Montevideo Road site. “We’re actually going to end up with more people [affected] than Elkridge,” said Bristow.”

Again, we hear the argument of people complaining about the trains.

“Some said current train traffic has already damaged their quality of life. "I have to listen to the trains all night long," said Cindy Kerr, who lives on Ohio Road. Conductors park on the tracks near her house when they go to sleep at Red Roof Inn, leaving the trains idling overnight, said Kerr. "What's going to happen with these extra trains there?"

What exactly did these people expect when they bought homes adjacent to a major rail corridor lined with industrial parks?

 The railroad and industrial parks existed long before the vast majority of these homes even existed.
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