Monday, June 20, 2011

A Touch of HoCo Envy in MoCo

Over the years, many MoCo residents have considered HoCo to be a somewhat lesser county when it comes to quality of life. That may be changing, in this post on the Greater Greater Washington blog, Dan Reed writes that “Howard County has out-suburb'd Montgomery.”

Dan tells the story of three of his MoCo high school friends who recently married and moved out of the county because MoCo “no longer provides the lifestyle they want.”

One couple moved to HoCo, not only to be close to work but also to be closer to Korean BBQ!

“The first couple just married in March and are already expecting a child. She works in Baltimore; he works at Fort Meade. Currently, they're living with her parents in Calverton, but they're looking for a house in Howard County. Why? It's closer to their jobs, closer to shopping in Columbia, closer to Korean BBQ in Ellicott City.”

I heard that the Korean barbeque was good but I didn’t realize it was THAT good!

Predictably, in the comments to the post, a HoCo expat came to the defense of his newly adopted home in MoCo.

“As for comparing Howard County to Montgomery County, they seem to be completely different animals. I grew up in Howard and now live in Montgomery. Howard was and is a very boring place to live, with very little going on. And Columbia? When downtown is basically a mall, you know something's wrong. There are very few transit options in Howard County and it's far from the amenities of DC.”
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