Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Look @ Explore Howard

Patuxent Publishing has totally revamped their web presence with a new website that debuted today. In the process, the community paper appears to have purged it’s comments section. Many will say that this was long overdue as the commenting on Explore Howard had made HoCo loco blog comments actually look tame by comparison.

I wonder how “long reach david”, “citizen taxpayer jane” and the rest of the Explore Howard commenting regulars feel this morning now that their previous diatribes have been deleted. It will be interesting to see if the new format  includes actual comment moderation. The posted policy shows some hint of that they will. 

"COMMENTING POLICY: Readers are encouraged to post comments that are germane to the article. We reserve the right to remove any user, and to delete comments that contain abusive language or personal threats, as well as those that are racist or demeaning. Readers may report comments by clicking "Report Abuse." Once a comment has been flagged, a Baltimore Sun staffer will investigate. Click here for more information on commenting."

Maybe they’ll just have to start their own blogs now.
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