Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pool Pass

If Courtney Watson and Greg Fox have their way, six private swim clubs in HoCo would be granted a free pass on paying property taxes. According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun, Watson justified this legislation by pointing out that these private clubs are  "providing a service to county residents" that might otherwise be borne by taxpayers for public pools…”

What about the Columbia Association pools?

Using that same argument the pools in the most populous jurisdiction in HoCo have saved the county tons of money too.

Watson said she did not include them in her bill because the “Columbia Association has other ways to raise money, meaning its property tax-like fees on residents.”

Apparently CA doesn’t agree with that logic. “Rob Goldman, chief operating officer and vice president of the Columbia Association, said the giant homeowners association would like the credit too, which would mean an extra $100,000 savings each year.”

He makes a good point.

The fact is that none of these pools should get a tax break. The county simply cannot afford to keep taking properties off of the tax rolls. Just last month the county purchased a 4.5 acre commercial parcel in Daisy because the HoCo locos didn’t want to see it turned into a used car lot. It had been a commercial property for well over a hundred years.

And if they do include Columbias pools in this bill what is to keep CA from seeking a similair tax break on all of their recreational facilities in Columbia?

What about the Soccer Dome in Jessup or the Circle D Farm in Woodbine? 
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