Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Last Word on Leinberger?

We really didn’t have any big HoCo loco news stories to dissect this week. That doesn’t mean to say that nothing was worthy of our sometimes irreverent banter. The Chris Leinberger lecture, the county budget, graduations and Wine in the Woods helped provide us with enough fertile ground to till for fifteen minutes or so.

I had not written anything about the lecture yet but many of my HoCo loco blogging brethren have. The first to post about it was Tom Coale with this reflective post that he put up within hours of the lecture itself. He later shared his observations about Alan Klein which I mentioned on the podcast. Trevor also weighed in on the Leinberger lecturing and so did Sarah, Frank, TJ and Duane.

But nobody mentioned Cindy Coyle. Cindy is the Columbia Council Representative for the Village of Harpers Choice. She is also a member of the board of Directors of the Columbia Association. The Columbia Association and the Howard Hughes Corporation were sponsors of the Leinberger lecture. Before opening the floor to questions after his talk, it was suggested that, in the interest of time, questioners refrain from making statements and just ask questions. When Ms Coyle got hold of the microphone, she first acknowledged this request and then proceeded to tell everyone she was going to make a statement anyway.

Does this woman have any manners?

Of course Alan Klein ignored this courtesy as well. These two apparently haven’t figured out yet that most people in HoCo really don’t care what they think.

Our guest was Carole Lehan, the Dean of the Faculty at Glenelg Country School, among other things including a former member of the Young Columbians. We invited Carole to join us to discuss the recently released documentary “The Race to Nowhere.”

I think we’re going to see a Blue Ribbon panel or two about this in the not too distant future. You can listen to the 42nd episode of "and then there's that..." here.
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