Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snow Babies

Last December, the precursor to the Big Kahuna storm hit us. Though this storm was subsequently over shadowed by the February snowmageddon, it was still ranked as one the top ten snow storms in the record books. Back then I wrote a post predicting that by late summer the maternity wards at Howard County General Hospital would be doing a land office business.

Once again, the Big Kahuna stole the show from the Blizzard of 09. This story by Kellie Woodhouse in The Howard County Times was all about the baby boom that resulted from the double barreled February storms.

Howard County General Hospital has seen a noticeable surge in births this month, according to spokeswoman Sharon Sopp. In the first two weeks of November, she said, 136 babies were born in the hospital's maternity ward -- 30 more than the same time period in 2009.”

"Historically, it is a common occurrence to see a spike ... after an event, such as a snowstorm or a blackout," Sopp said. "We kind of expected it, knowing that we had many inches of snow and many days off of work."

What about December’s storm?

By my reckoning late August and early September should have been pretty busy in the maternity wards too.
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