Monday, November 01, 2010

More HoCo by the Numbers

Columbia is the only jurisdiction in HoCo that is actually projected to lose population by 2025. According to demographic statistics in the 2010 HoCo EDA CoRE Tour book the fastest growing part of the county will be the Laurel area of HoCo where the population is expected to increase by 25.3% by 2035. During the same period of time Columbia’s population is expected to decrease by 1.3%.

Columbia will still remain the most populous of the seven regional planning districts in HoCo with a projected population in 2015 of 100,864, followed by Ellicott City with a projected population of 62,290. Elkridge comes in third with a projected population of 44,876.

The school system had better get cracking on those school sites in Elkridge.

The wealthiest planning district in HoCo is Clarksville with an estimated median household income of $148,430. The overall median household income for HoCo is $101,940 with over 50% of the households earning over $100,000.

Over 80% of HoCo commuters drive alone to work while only 7.9% carpool and 4.9% take public transportation. According to 2009 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census, an estimated 0.7% of the population walks to work in HoCo.

I’m surprised it is that high.
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