Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dazzle Stroll

A few posts ago a commenter, I believe it was Jen, suggested I do a post about the Symphony of Lights might be interesting. As it turns out, Mama Wordbones, CG and I were already planning to participate in the Dazzle Dash again this year. Actually, the true Dazzle Dash was held on Saturday when runners actually dashed through the 1.4 mile outdoor lighting display. We did the walk on Sunday which is more of a stroll than a dash.

As we began our walk we ran into Vic Broccolino greeting participants as they headed off into the lights. Alongside him was Chris McCabe who heads up the hospital foundation. I asked Chris if he could provide me with facts about the annual event and the next day I received an email with almost everything you could possibly want to know.

Over 1,300,000 people in 355,194 vehicles have passed through the holiday display since its inception 16 years ago. The display consists of 250,000 light bulbs. This year, in addition to our Sunday evening stroll and the Saturday evening dash, there is a Blinkin Babies stroller friendly walk on Thursday, December 9th and a Tail Lights pet friendly walk on Sunday, December 14th.

This year will also be the first ever New Years Eve celebration called Midnight at 7. It will feature the lights walk thru but will culminate with a fireworks display at 7PM.

The proceeds from all Symphony of Lights events benefit Howard County General Hospital.
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