Monday, November 01, 2010

Keep Those Cards and Letter’s Coming

When I picked up my mail tonight there was the predictable collection of last minute pitches to procure my vote. As we head towards the finish line both parties are sounding increasingly desperate with visions of impending doom if either side prevails.

I actually found them to be quite funny.

It appears that the Dems have zeroed in on Warren Miller as the weaker link in the Bates / Miller slate while the Repubs went after both Weinstein and Maher in these lovely examples of hyperbole

We have three registered voters in our house and as a result we received multiple copies each mailer even though Mama Wordbones and CG have already voted.

It occurred to me I’d love to see what people in other districts are getting in their mailboxes. That gave me an idea. We could have a little fun picking the best of the worst of these mailings. If you are planning on joining us at Clyde's tomorrow night, please bring your favorite candidate mailer to share. We’ll pick the best of the lot to highlight on this Friday’s podcast.
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