Monday, November 01, 2010

Neutral Territory

Tuesday is the Super Bowl of the loco HoCo politics. The loco Repubs will gather at Ten Oaks Ballroom in Clarksville and the loco Dems will assemble at Kahler Hall in the Village of Harpers Choice to either celebrate or cry in their beer. That creates a bit of quandary for the loco moderates and independents. It can be a little uncomfortable to be at party with candidates you openly opposed, especially if they happen to come up short on Election Day.

HoCo Rising and I will be gathering at Clyde's beginning at 8:30 PM. We have reserved a table on the bar level and will have laptops set up to monitor the returns. I’m calling it the Isle of Sanity (with apologies to Jon Stewart). If HoCo loco politics is your thing but partisan politico posturing makes you nauseous, please drop by and join us. I can guarantee the beer will be cold and the punditry politely non partisan.
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