Sunday, November 21, 2010

One less Gadget

I’m a little hard on my gadgets. In addition to my recent smart phone debacle, I have dropped my digital camera more than a few times. As a testament to the toughness of Sony cameras, the optics were unaffected from this repeated battering…until the most recent drop.

After the latest spill the camera was suddenly challenged to produce pictures that weren’t blurred. I had resigned myself to the fact that it had succumbed to its injuries. I needed to get a new camera.
I should note here that I am not a big fan of cameras in phones. Rarely have I used a picture in this blog that was taken with my phone. Though it has a pain to always carry around both a camera and a phone, for me at least the end result was always worth it.
My new Droid X may have made me a convert. Yesterday I gave the phone’s camera feature a workout during a visit to Savage. We took in a little hike down the Historic Mill Trail, said hello to Santa, enjoyed some live music at the Whatchamacallit restaurant and finished up with a beer at the Rams Head Tavern.
 If this phone can replace my need to carry around a separate camera, dropping my phone in the toilet may have produced an unexpected benefit. So far so good
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