Friday, November 19, 2010

HoCo Arts Chat

I count myself as one of those people who wasn’t exactly sure what the Howard County Arts Council does.

Until today that is.

Our guest today on “and then there’s that…” was Colleen West, the executive director of the HoCo Arts Council. Among the things I learned was that the council gave out $350,000.00 in arts grants this year. For many artists in our community that is a crucial life line.

The arts and their role in HoCo are very much in the news these days with the meetings being held by Gail Lord on behalf of the Howard Hughes Corporation. Gail is the consultant hired by HHC to design and implement an arts program as part of the Town Center redevelopment. Colleen has been very involved in those conversations as well.

In the middle of our interview with Colleen, a nice lady from Williams-Sonoma appeared with hot cider and some sort of pumpkin pastry for us. It threw us off for a minute but the gesture was nice. We’re finding our mall experience to be very different from our other podcast locations.  It's all good.

You can listen to 28th episode of the podcast here.
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