Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yentruoc Nostaw

While watching the Ravens I thought I’d jot off a quick post with a couple weekend observations during half time.

Last night Mama Wordbones and I spent the night in Baltimore. She won a night at the Marriott Camden Yards at silent auction last year and we just now got around to using it. After checking in around 6:30 PM we walked down towards the Inner Harbor looking for a place to eat when we stumbled upon the newly opened Kona Grill. We decided to drop in for a cocktail to check it out.

We stayed for dinner. As I have stated before, I consider myself wholly unqualified to be a food blogger. There are others who do a much better job and I willingly defer to them for all things food. That being said, we eat out quite a bit and therefore when we come across someplace that we both find exceptional, I feel compelled to comment on it. The Kona Grill is one of those exceptional places. It could be my new favorite place to eat out in Baltimore.

In her column in The Sun today, Janet Gilbert relates her first time experience working the polls in Howard County. It turns out that she was drafted for this task by the same candidate that drafted me for my first time stint at the polls, only Janet decided to make a tongue in cheek attempt to mask the candidates identity by spelling her name backward.

Her most interesting observation was how it felt to be one the people she generally tries to avoid.

“For years, I have walked briskly past these individuals on Election Day, feeling uncomfortable when they greeted me with a cheery "Thank you for voting" as I approached my local elementary school.”

It’s always enlightening to walk in another’s shoes, even if you do get cold feet...literally.

Half time’s over…back to the game. Go Ravens!
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