Thursday, November 25, 2010

Postcard from the South

My sister often reminds me that Marylanders are southerners. I know she is technically correct but in reality most southerners I’ve come to know tend to warily regard the Old Line State as being more of a northern state. Even some of our political leaders think we have more in common with our neighbors to the north.

The differences between northern and southern cultures generally become more pronounced the further you go into the others country. For instance, I have never seen an issue of Garden & Gun until I came to St Augustine. My sister had it prominently displayed on her coffee table.

It’s a nice magazine too, full of articles about cooking, hidden getaways, and hunting camps. Every issue also has a story about a dog. In the December 2010/January 2011 issue the dog story is written by Guy Martin and is about an Alabama hunting dog that ends up living in New York City. It’s called “The Urban Gun Dog, Tales of a canine expatriate.”

Overall the story is a good read about a country dogs adjustment to city life but the best line is about dogs in general.

"It’s never the right time for a new dog, no matter what, and always the right time for a new dog, no matter what."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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