Thursday, August 13, 2009

Muscle Car

I’m not exactly a gear head but, like many guys, I have a thing for cars. Whether they are unusual, old, or small, it really doesn’t matter, I just happen to like cars. I had a subscription to Motor Trend magazine before I even had a drivers license.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the new 2010 Camaro, so when I spotted one at the Auto Services Park on Dobbin Road in Columbia yesterday, I had to zoom in for a closer look.

Ya gotta admit, it’s a pretty sharp looking car.

This particular Camaro is owned by a guy named Andy. Andy works in the music business. He said that he had just recently purchased the car in Delaware. He was dropping it off to have the windows tinted.

Why Delaware?

“The Baltimore dealers wanted $6,000.00 over the list price. I just couldn’t see doing that,” he told me.

I understand. Still, it is pretty impressive that the battered GM could come up with a car that their surviving dealers can pin on a premium mark up.


Chuck said...

For an extra $6K over list, the car has to be in yellow and include Megan Fox.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry WB
I've seen the Camaro and it isn't my favorite car. The last General Motors car I owned was in 1964.
My money is on Ford. I also like Toyota's Solara convertible. I'm afraid that GM is going the route of the post office. The federal government has already screwed it up while trying to save it.
While running across the bridge behind the Don Cesar on St Pete Beach, I did see a convoy of 21 Lotus. Sweet.