Friday, August 28, 2009

A Few Quick Words

Not much time for the blog today. I spent my morning at Ellicott Mills Middle School for Peanuts sixth grade orientation. That was a little chaotic. A wag of the tail goes out to the teachers and staff for keeping cool and keeping things moving. My main gripe is the parking situation. Cars were parked on both sides of Montgomery Road and some folks like me ended up parking in the YMCA parking lot and walking back. You would think that the county would install a sidewalk to connect these places but no such luck. Perhaps they are too busy putting in sidewalks to nowhere.

Then there was this news item from Mike Santa Rita in The Howard County Times. It seems that the bad month of August for Jordan Naftel just got worse.

“Since we were unable to reopen Jordan’s, our focus 100 percent is now to figure out how to take care of everyone and to figure out our plan,” Naftal said. “Doing a new restaurant was not the right thing for us at this time.”

That’s a little different tune than the one he was playing a week ago.

“Naftal said he still plans to open a restaurant in November in the Maple Lawn development in Fulton, with partner Carlos Venegas, owner of Ranazul, an upscale wine and tapas bar in Maple Lawn. That restaurant will be opening up as Carlos and Jordan’s Steakhouse, Naftal said.“On the happy side we’re opening in Maple Lawn,” Naftal said.”

I’m guessing there aren’t many happy sides for Jordan right now. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him reappear on the local restaurant scene in the not too distant future.

Right now I’m hustling over to Timbers for an afternoon tee time. If rain cuts our round short perhaps I’ll post again later today.

Stay tuned.