Monday, August 24, 2009

Senior Citizen Crime Spree

First there’s this news that an 87 year old man, Earl Lafayette Wilder has been charged with the murder of 91 year old James W. Brown at the Harmony Hall nursing home in Columbia.

Then there is this news item from Larry Carson in The Sun about an 82 year old guy from Savage who got caught in a prostitution sting operation in North Laurel.

Maybe they think they can get better health care in jail.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to say this sensitively. I have an idea that at least one of these gentlemen was suffering from dementia or alzheimers. Some day you and I could be in an assisted living home and you could be beating me over the head with your computer.
I'm not criticizing WB but my mom lives in an assisted living home near Harmony Hall. The home is beautiful, the food is good, the care is satisfactory and the senior conditions with which they deal are unfortunate. Growing old is not for cowards. If anyone wants to do a worthy community project, visit daily and speak to the seniors hanging out in the lobby.