Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cast a Vote for Local Blogs

The Sun is conducting a poll on the Social Media section of their website. The poll asks “What would you like to see us add to The Baltimore Sun site?”

One of the choices is “external links to local blogs.” As of this writing, a whopping 27 votes had been cast and 48.1% of the votes have chosen the local blogs link.

In second place is “something not listed here” with 33.3% of the votes.

The Washington Post has included links to community blogs for over a year now so it’s not like The Sun would be carving out any new ground by doing this.

Still, it would be nice if the local blogs could at least beat out something not listed.


Anonymous said...

You'll be happy to know that since posting the topic Sunday pm, the votes are up to 36 respondents and 58% request adding local blogs.

Reality time: Bloggers sometimes have an inflated view of their impact(and hits) because those who comment tend toward gushing to the one in charge - you.

When I've repeatedly broached the topic of local blogs at parties, or any other social function or gathering, the response is always the same; scoffing and dismissal. There's so little credibility, folks have so little regard, that they'd trust the press before a blogger.

News flash: trust is everything. Jon Stewart, most trusted man in America to deliver the news. It's so painfully easy to see why, and too many local blogs like this one are advertising without disclosing the personal gain involved in the positions taken, leading to straw man arguments that readers know is junk.

A major exception and breath of fresh air, Pat Hiban. That guy is the best thing to happen to Howard's local blogs. An increase in bloggers like him and you may enjoy a reverberating ancillary reputation uptick.

Tom said...

So you are a politician now asking for my vote. . .

Anonymous said...

If you're talking to anon 7:30, the answer is: hardly.

Tom said...

No, I try to ignore all anon comments since I can't tell who's who when they start trading barbs.