Friday, August 21, 2009

Things Could be Worse

If you are trying to sell a house right now you can take some comfort in this information from the website Housing Predictor. Neither the Baltimore metro market nor the Washington DC metro market made it on the list of the “Worst 25 Housing Markets – 2009.”

On the other hand things are all that great around here either. In The Sun today, Jamie Smith Hopkins reports that 12.4 % of Marylanders are behind in their mortgages.

“In Maryland, lenders surveyed by the trade group began foreclosure proceedings on more than 4,100 homeowners with fixed-rate prime loans during the spring - from April through June. That compares with about 2,900 in the winter and 1,200 in the spring of 2008.”

Still, Housing Predictor had some encouraging things to say about Columbia which had the lowest price drop of the 5 submarkets surveyed.


Anonymous said...

Then you get our situation... trying to buy a short sale in Columbia and the bank wants an outrageous 25% more than our offer (very fair-- admitted by both selling and our realtor)


mpm said...

Awesome! 87.6% of Marylanders are on time with mortgages!