Monday, August 10, 2009

Gone but Not Forgotten

Mama Wordbones is a smart shopper. When the Smart Shopper Magazine arrives in the mail she surgically removes all coupons of potential interest. The latest issue arrived today.

“Do you need new running shoes?”

She had turned to a coupon on page 4 for. Feet First. She knows that’s where I usually buy my running shoes. The fact is it has been awhile since I bought the pair I ran in this morning. The coupon got clipped.

As she was clipping I was telling her about the recent closing of the oz Chophouse in Maple Lawn. We had dinner there…once.

No sooner had I bought this up then she turns to page 30 where there is a full page ad for oz Chophouse. The ad includes two coupons for $10 off any dinner of $50 or more. The coupons are good through September 30th. The ad also says new menu coming soon.

That’s an understatement.


Anonymous said...

The good news is that one of my favorite restaurants in E.C. will be opening up a branch in oZ's old place....