Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Next Americans

This past Friday I played golf with three of my buddies. The four of us share the common experience of having grown up in Columbia. All four of us attended high school in Columbia and three of us were even in the first graduating class of Columbia’s first high school. It’s fair to say that our young lives were somewhat shaped by the planned city.

We’re all grown up now and over the years each of us has moved in and out of Columbia at various times. Today, one of us still lives in the town, two of us have parents still living in their original Columbia homes and three of us work in Columbia. Most of can recall when the Exhibit Center Building still housed an exhibit about Columbia called “The Next America.” If that was the Columbia promise, does that make us the next Americans?

If so we make a nice little representative group. Two of us are Democrats, one is a Republican and the other is an independent yet, to a man, each supports General Growths plan to remake Columbia Town Center. Each is frustrated with those people with miniscule constituencies who purport to speak for the people of Columbia.


GORDON said...

It's time for a change. Town Center has been too long in the planning stage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. You might add a circular reference on the 'small groups who claim vast constituencies' item, tho.

Yes, readers, it's been decided. No need for voters to be informed. No need for research or meetings.
No need to unsettle the sleeping constituencies. WB and his 3 buddies have declared they are a representative group, and so let's all just save money and time, and allow them to take their rightful place in the monarchy :);)

You've been hanging with the Chamber for too long. But again, thx for the chuckle on a Monday morning.

wordbones said...

Anon 9:15 AM,

Glad to be of service.


Anonymous said...

Everyone who wants things to move forward should email each planning board member and each county council member. You can bet those who will never be satisfied with any reasonable plan will.