Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Shanghaied in Shanghai

I received an email this past Sunday from local blogger “Jack Crow.” Jack is currently in Shanghai, China where he had planned to write a series of blog posts about his experience under the title “Shanghai Blog Project.”

It seems as if those plans have hit The Great Wall.

“I've hit a wall. Its my first day back in Shanghai and the government here has tightened its grip on the Chinese internet since my visit last August. I can't even access blogspot let alone read blogs.”

Jack tried to enlist me to assist him by taking his emails and pictures and uploading them onto his blog. I respectfully declined. I am already hard pressed to carve out time to keep my own blog current without caretaking another. Fatherhood and livelihood take precedent on discretionary time right now, not to mention that I have two other writing projects in development. More on that later…

Anyhow, the least I can do for my fellow blogger and his readers is to let them know that Jack won’t be blogging from Shanghai anytime soon. I assume he’ll tell us all about it upon his return.

Have a safe journey my friend.