Thursday, April 02, 2009

Scene This Week In…

The overarching theme of this installment of Scene This Week In... is “well not exactly.”

As previously noted here, as soon as the snow melts Mama Wordbones is itching to get outside and plant stuff and, since building our home three years ago, we’ve planted a lot of stuff. This has pretty much been a lifestyle change for me. Up to this point, the landscaping of the homes I’ve lived in required minimal to no interference on my part to look passable for the HOA. Mama Wordbones lived in the country. She tended 3 acres of lawn and gardens. Her lawn equipment shed had a roll top door, a concrete floor, electricity and running water. I’ve lived in places that were smaller.

Anyway, in our household, I am basically the garden assistant, you know, get some rocks, bring around another bag of mulch, dig a hole right here, no not there, here, and so on. Yet I try to be observant and one of the things I’ve noticed is that if you want anything to live outside through the summer you need to get it into the ground as soon as the prospect of another frost has passed. This means an early visit to garden centers, before they are all full of the colors you normally associate with a garden center in the spring. The plants out on display early in the season are the hearty ones, the ones who don’t mind being planted before the grass turns green.

This past weekend, on a dreary rainy Sunday, I spotted an island of color in a far corner of the yard at the River Hill Garden Center. Upon closer inspection I came upon this handsome quartet. I told Mama Wordbones that I briefly considered getting one but the thought of breaking up this group was too much to bear.And the not exactly angle?

River Hill Garden Center is not exactly in Columbia, it’s in Clarksville.

The first time I saw this line up of clocks it took me awhile to realize that the time goes slowly backward from Columbia to Catonsville. This interpretation of local time is not exactly found in Ellicott City. It’s in the Old Mill Bakery and Café on Frederick Road in Oella, just across the bridge from the old town.


sobohon said...

I've started some plants, too, Den, but I'm not brave enough to put anything outdoors yet. I've sat thru too many snowy Opening Days!

Go O's!