Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HoCo Home Prices Increasing

According to this article by Michele Lerner in the Examiner.com, Howard County was one of three of the ten richest counties in the country that experienced housing price increases in the past year.

“In Howard County, Maryland, prices rose by 4.3% from February 2008 to February 2009. In Douglas County, Colorado, prices rose by 2.7% and in Putnam County, New York, home values rose by 5.8%.”

The other seven counties in the top ten saw price declines.

Of course, this is just an increase in the median sales price, not the median home value. There are plenty of HoCo homes that are worth less now than they were last year. The good news is that at least home prices are beginning to stabilize.

As I’ve said before, compared to most parts of the country, we’ve got it good.


The Gonzo Journalist said...

I would interesting to know which villages are effected by the home price increase? I would suspect villages in west Columbia?

Tom said...

And BRAC has not even kicked in yet!