Thursday, April 23, 2009

Taking Your Kid to Work

“Can we listen to Raffi?”

My daughter and I were driving through Columbia this morning. I had my coffee, she had her OJ. It is taking your child to work day and we were headed to my office. I was initially taken off guard by the Raffi request.

I had honestly forgotten that Raffi was still in the car.

Peanut made the Raffi discovery. While I drove she went exploring in the large glove box thing that separates the front seats in my truck. Most days I’d be hard pressed to give an accurate inventory of what is in there. It’s more of a cargo bin than a glove box.
A random sample:

· used napkin
· box of Panda licorice (opened)
· nametag from HoCo Economic Development Core Tour 08
· dozen dry cleaning receipts (I never use them, she knows me!)
· 4 lollipops, various sizes and flavors
· golf ball
· corkscrew
· packet of Excedrin,

and apparently, not one but two Raffi CD’s.

It has been awhile for Raffi and me. Peanut is 10 ½ now. Raffi was big at least three years ago. Her music appreciation has moved on thankfully. Now we sometimes even share a new music experience together. Last night for example, we sang all 9 verses and nine refrains of My Darling Clementine. Until last night, I never knew My Darling Clementine had that many verses.

Anyway, this morning she rediscovered Raffi and with him, her youth. For me, it was just a way that my kid put a stamp on my otherwise ordered work day routine.

I sang along.


Anonymous said...

See? THAT's the kind of thing that is tweet-worthy albeit in much smaller communique.