Thursday, April 09, 2009

Recognizing the Good Guys

Sometimes, Tales of Two Cities gets email from the blog reading public. Mostly folks have nice things to say and sometimes they say things that make me smile. Karen Lubieniecki sent me one of those. She wrote that she read this blog and the other HoCo blogs but then followed it up by qualifying that it is part of her job to do so. 

I’m happy to help keep anyone gainfully employed so when Karen also asked for a favor, I readily complied. Besides, she works for the good guys

Karen works for the Association of Community Services of Howard County. Each year they present the Audrey Robbins Humanitarian Awards to recognize those in our community “whose daily labor is the reason Howard County has a thriving network of human services, both public and private, to address its residents’ needs. “ 

Pictured above are the 2008 recipients of the awards. Rear L-R:  Debra Popiel, Chair, Audrey Robbins Humanitarian Awards Committee; Terry Owens, WMAR2 ABC News TV, Emcee; Sgt. Steve Martin, Howard County Domestic Violence Unit (DVU), Employee Team of the Year; Judy Pittman, Special Tribute recipient;  Lt. Ronald Denton, DVU; Kathleen Turner, DVU.  Front, seated: Molly Gale, DVU; Kim Bray, Gilchrist Hospice Howard County Volunteers, Volunteer Team of the Year; Sandy Jaworski, Volunteer of the Year. 

Karen is looking for nominations for this year.

Who should be nominated?  Maybe a colleague tutors people who need to learn English.  Perhaps an office mate regularly delivers food to a shelter.  Perhaps there was a team of people who provided the information and resources your family needed to survive a health, financial, or other crisis.  Nominees can also be from a service club or faith-based organization which has teams of people providing services to the community. Nominees serve as volunteers or paid staff.”


In other words, these are awards for the good guys (and gals of course).  You can get more information and nomination forms by visiting their website. Nominations are due May 1st.


Anonymous said...

Why so heavy on DVU?

Jessie said...

Wordbones, Thanks for this great post on ACS and the Audrey Robbins Humanitarian Award. I'm a fairly new board member on ACS myself. Actually, been a-workin' on my own concoction to put together a board recruitment blog. Unofficial, but helpful I hope. It's still in development, but I thought I'd take the chance to link it here as part of your post.

Anonymous said...

The DVU was one of the Team Awards. There are 4 categories: Individual Volunteer; Individual Staff person; Volunteer Team; Staff Team - This DVU team are of the paid variety - thye are small Team, so they all got to be included in the awards ceremony. Join the Fun! Share kudos for someone great you know.