Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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As the weather warms, golfers return to the links. When golfers return so do errant golf balls and for folks who live on Sandy Ridge Court in Lyndwood, that’s a problem. According to this story by Jennifer Broadwater in the Columbia Flier, the residents of Sandy Ridge Court want Timbers at Troy golf course to reconfigure the 13th hole of the course because of an “ongoing problem of golf balls hitting their houses, breaking windows and, in general, creating a safety hazard in their back yards.”

The thing is, the golf course was there before the houses were built. It’s not like these people woke up one day and to find a golf course in their backyard.

“Covenants tied to the course and the surrounding Lyndwood property state that homeowners “assumed the risk of injury to or death of persons and of damage to property resulting from the use of the golf course by other persons in a reasonable manner.”

It could be argued that some duffers stretch the definition of “reasonable manner” but the fact remains that this is, and always has been, a golf course community.

The county department of Recreation and Parks, the owner of the course, has informed the neighbors that it does not plan to change the configuration of the hole.



PZGURU said...

Shanks for the information!

Lotsabogeys said...

I am glad the tees were not changed. It is a fun hole to play. I think some people are trying to hit the ball too hard from the back tees and end up hit a big slice.

Tom said...

Wasn't this a story six months ago in the real newspaper?