Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh Deer Three

I came across this article by Shantee Woodards in the Capital newspaper. It described a pilot program on Gibson Island that has reduced the deer tick population by 80%.

That’s significant.

What was more interesting is that this reduction has been achieved thanks to something called the 4-Poster Deer Treatment System that comes from a company right here in Ellicott City, C.R. Daniels.

the contraptions are set up with bins containing corn, which acts as bait for deer. As a deer walks inside the system, it rubs against paint rollers, which administer a coating of insecticide to its head and body.

When ticks try to feed off of the deer, they consume the insecticide and die, said John Carroll, research entomologist at the USDA's Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory in Beltsville.”

Wow. I wonder if Dr. Beilenson knows about this.

I was surprised to find that CR Daniels was even into the deer ticks. The last time I checked in with them their business was primarily in the manufacture of canvas bags.


Anonymous said...

Well somebody should tell him. That IS significant.