Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Project

Once March rolls around Mama Wordbones gets itchy to get her hands back in the soil. This urge inevitably leads to a project that necessitates my active participation. Before I left on my annual spring boondoggle two weeks ago she told me to have a good time because when I got home we were going to get busy outside.

Yesterday we started this season’s major project, a stacked stone planting bed in the front of our house. In fact, this project actually got started before I left town. We shopped for the stone and we sent in the requisite forms for the Architectural Review Committee of our HOA. We even met with a contractor before deciding to forge ahead on our own. These were our long lead items.

With our approval in hand, last week we placed an order for a pallet of Pennsylvania flag stone (aka Bluestone) stone from Luck Stone in Clarksville. It arrived on Tuesday.

A pallet of stone is a lot of stone.

Yesterday we began the process of turning that pallet of stone into a stacked stone wall. Though far from complete, we were pleased with what we accomplished on the first Saturday of spring.

And, after we put all the tools away, the Guinness sure tasted good.


Freemarket said...

It's a pallet of stone, city boy! Not a palate. :-)

wordbones said...


You nailed me and exposed my city boy roots. Of course you are correct and I will edit the post accordingly. Thank you.


wordbones said...

...perhaps it was the recollection of the Guinness that caused me to write palette instead of pallet.

Jack said...

Wow man, I feel for ya. I've come home to see a pallet of rocks on the driveway before. I've since blocked HGTV from our televisions around the house to keep my mother from getting any more bright ideas.