Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holey Moley

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There seems to be a building boom for churches in Howard County these days. According to this story by Jennifer Broadwater in the Columbia Flier, the Columbia Presbyterian Church on Route 108 has finally received the go ahead to double the size of their facility after initially being turned down by the county hearing examiner.

The neighbors of the church are not happy.
"Bruce Corriveau, a resident whose property abuts the church land and who has been serving as a spokesman for the group of concerned neighbors, said his group was "deeply disappointed" in the board's decision.

"I really don't think the board appreciated the concerns of the neighbors or factored our concerns into their decision," he said, adding that his group is considering appealing the decision."

The church purchased this 7 acre site back in 1988 from one of Howard County’s original veterinarians, Fred Lewis.