Thursday, April 02, 2009

No Recession Here

Yesterday I stopped by the Apple store in the The Mall to pick up some software for Peanuts iMac. I thought that 3:00 PM on a Wednesday afternoon was a good time to catch the store in a non busy mode.

I thought incorrectly. It was busy. I asked a manager if this was unusual.

“Actually this isn’t bad,” he told me, “normally we’re busier than this.”

“At this time of day, in the middle of week?”


Even without the recession, any retailer would be happy to have this kind of traffic at anytime, let alone the middle of the day in the middle of the week.


Toronto Condos said...

I'm not surprised, I see the same situation in almost every mall or restaurant. You'd think people would go out to eat less or shop less but nope, it's about the same (if not more) as before the rescission. I too wonder if there even is a recession and if it's not only the obsessive media exaggerating it a bit too much.

Take care, Elli

Karen said...

WB, was the mall itself busy or just the Apple store?

Toronto Condos, my experience has been different. I've noticed that most restaurants and stores are less busy than they used to be.