Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scene This Week In...

I received an email this week from Barbara Kellner at the Columbia Archives asking me to plug the ninth annual Columbia Bike About this weekend. Barbara started this spring bike tour of Columbia nine years ago and though I’ve never participated I’ve heard from folks who have and they all tell me they learned new things about the town from the ride.

There are lots of hidden treasures along the 93.5 miles of Columbia bike paths. The Bike About only covers 12 miles but each year the Columbia Archives puts together a different route to highlight some of these treasures like this little park in the Bryant Woods neighborhood of Wilde Lake.

The weather is supposed to be nice this Saturday so pump up the tires on those bikes and go exploring in Columbia.

If the only exercise you are interested in doing this weekend is lifting a glass of wine you are in luck. In downtown Ellicott City the Wine Bin will be hosting a wine tasting to benefit Blossoms of Hope and Voices for Children. The new wine shop will put up a tent next to their building on Main Street and offer tastings of wine and chocolate. Tickets are $25.00 each and may be purchased at the door.

After sampling some wines you can get some exercise by exploring the shops in the old town. You never know what you might find. Be careful though, last week I spotted this sign in the window of the Antique Depot on Maryland Avenue.


Sailor said...

That sign is a little too specific. Do you think that street girls bringing in carpenters can pay for the room when they are done with it?

GoGayleGo said...

Thanks for the info on Bike About - I'd never heard of this (granted, I don't live in Columbia anymore but did for 6-7 years). When my plans for the weekend fell through, I decided to attend this event. Fantastic! One of the best-marked events of any type I've ever been to. Thanks again for the heads-up!