Friday, April 17, 2009

Scene This Week In…

After two days of cold and rain the return of the sun felt glorious. The dogs welcomed the return of the warmth as well. Yesterday, when I stopped by my house around noon, I opened the back door to let the dogs out into the yard. The golden retriever headed straight for the soft green grass and dropped herself down. She proceeded to roll over on her back and then stretched out and rubbed her nose against the ground. I knew exactly how she felt.Her ritual welcome of the return of the sun made her this week’s scene in Ellicott City.

An anonymous commenter on my last post wondered what was up with the giant pink pump in the parking of Town Center yesterday. That was Maggie Browns shoe.

Maggie Brown is the outgoing president of the Columbia Association. Last night she was honored with a private reception in the Spear Center in the General Growth Properties building followed by a public celebration featuring Deanna Bogart at the lakefront. It was a picture perfect spring evening in Columbia.

The reception in the Spear Center was very well attended and GGP’s big news of the day was a hot topic. Gregg Hamm was characteristically upbeat and reiterated that the Columbia properties were largely unaffected by the filing.

I also spoke with Michael Cornell, the Columbia Council representative from the Village of River Hill. Originally Michael had planned to step down when his term was up this year but he has since changed his mind. He told me that he tries to hold the radical middle in Columbia politics. I thought that was a great description.

I also spoke some with Lloyd Knowles. He quipped that he wanted to name what he referred to as a “highway” slicing through Symphony Woods “Dennis Lane.” I had to admit that was funny. I told him I would happily pour the first yard of asphalt if afforded that honor.

All in all it was nice send off to lady who has been a part of the Columbia scene for as long as there has been a Columbia scene.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd is concerned that the highway may make the Phish concert unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

Last year was the first Wine in the Woods I've attended, and was surprised to see so many people lining up to pay $25 admittance in the rain in ~6 lines 40 minutes deep.

It was great - I really really enjoyed it and it'd be a shame if it were ended forever.

Where did that idea come from?

Tom said...

Talked with Maggie today. She is still glowing from all the good wish she received all afternoon and evening.