Thursday, April 23, 2009

She’s Back!

No sooner do we learn that the ethics complaint against Liz Bobo has been dismissed, than she fires off an email to the Wilde Lake villagers endorsing Phil Kirsch in his bid for reelection to the Columbia Council.

“Phil and his wife, Chris, have a good life, including doting over their new grandchild. He does not need this position for his own gratification. I am sad to see him be the target of a costly negative campaign. Yet he is willing to continue to serve the residents for another year at this pivotal time for our beloved Columbia .”

Is she implying that “our beloved Columbia” would be imperiled by electing Linda Odum instead of Phil?

Liz is feeling a little gun shy this time around though. Unlike last year, this email was sent via her account instead of her state delegate email account.


Freemarket said...

Then it looks like she may have learned her lesson as far as which e-mail address to use.

How did she "sign" the e-mail from her personal account? Did she sign as Liz Bobo or as Delegate Liz Bobo?

Anonymous said...

She signed it as Liz Bobo.

And Columbis will certainly be in worse shape if Odum is elected.

Anonymous said...

How is it "gun shy" to do what the Ethics people suggested she do? Or to follow new guidelines on use of her e-mail?

Sounds like good, sound, ethical common sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I think we give Liz more credit than she deserves. Couldn't her endorsement also turn people off on a candidate? She should think about retirement. Her time and constituency have passed.

Susan said...

Dennis.... if one reads between the lines of your post, it would seem that your endorsement carries enormous significance while Liz is "at it again".

wordbones said...

There is a big difference between an endorsement from Liz and an endorsement from me...Liz is effective!