Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Bounty of Bags

People send me stuff. Most of the time it is simply tips for blog posts but every once awhile they send me actual stuff. Today I received three reusable shopping bags.

Last Sunday in this post, I made a light hearted jab at Joan Lancos for disqualifying me from receiving a yellow Columbia Villages bag because I wasn't a resident of Columbia. Today she sent me two along with a note apologizing for the slight and hoping that “this incident won’t prevent you from saying nice things about us in the future.”

I should note here that Joan and I both share a fond appreciation for sarcasm.

I also got a Baggu from Mickey Gomez, the Executive Director of the Volunteer Center of Howard County. I suppose Mickey read about the yellow bag incident and decided to send me one of her bags, a nice little fold up number.

Thank you, Mickey and Joan. You both get a wag of the Wordbones tail for the smiles I got when I opened my mail today.
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