Wednesday, June 13, 2012

American Woman

Cruising south on 29 early this evening, with the windows down and the sunroof open, American Woman came on the radio. I cranked it up.  I was on my way to JenTerrasa’s reception at the Corner Stable Pub in Kings Contrivance.

“American woman gonna mess your mind”

This was the first time I’ve attended a Jen Terrasa fundraiser. That, in and of itself, is not surprising. I supported her opponent in the last election. She ended up kicking his butt.

“American woman she gonna mess your mind.”

The Corner Stable was packed and not with just the usual HoCo loco politico suspects either. Rank and file citizens filled the room along with an impressive turnout of the loco Dem power structure. Dem council colleagues Mary Kay Sigaty and Calvin Ball were there but Courtney Watson was not. Jen’s council seat predecessor, Guy Guzzone, acted as master of ceremonies.

Courtney wasn’t there because she was also having a Wine Women and Watson event tonight. I don’t know who scheduled what first but HoCo is really too small for two politico fundraisers in the same night. A couple of the ladies I spoke with this evening were bugging early on the Jen jamboree to dash across town to wine with Watson. Others, including at least one loco elected Dem told me they wouldn’t have wined with Watson even if it was the only loco politico event this evening. Ouch!

“Colored lights can hypnotize, Sparkle someone else's eyes”

It wasn’t just Dems at Jen’s party either. Former Repub county exec candidate Steve Adler was there. His Savage Mill development is in Jen’s district after all. Steve was leaving as I arrived but he had a great parting quip. “A Dem fundraiser and a Jewish Federation dinner in the same night, all I need now is a root canal.”

“You're no good for me, I'm no good for you”

I also met Jackie Scott tonight. Jackie is one of the good candidates running for school board. She’s even better in person than she is in writing.

In her remarks, Jen talked about the role she’s played in helping to reinvent the Columbia village centers. She’s a geek for zoning and I find that oddly attractive.

“Go, gotta get away, gotta get away”

All in all it was a nice turnout tonight for the two term councilperson. I’m glad I went. It won't be my last time either.
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