Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Scene This Week In…

If you ordered a brick from the Columbia Association in the latest batch you can go visit it now in the walkway in front of Clyde’s. The other day, after lunch, I went to check them out and saw that the blogging community was pretty well represented. In addition to yours truly, I also spotted a Columbia Compass family brick and a hocoblogs brick.
Did I miss anyone else?

And then there was this brick. Six years later and the sudden recall of this tragedy still hit me hard.
If you did buy a brick and want to find it the best I can tell you is to go to the walkway along the lakefront in front of Clyde’s and look for the newer bricks. The shiny new ones kind of stand out from the older bricks who’ve endured the weight of HoCo humanity for years. After that, you are on your own. Just be careful not to run into anybody as you search the sidewalk with your head down.

Two years ago, weekend revelry at the Patuxent River in Savage got a little out of hand and loco residents petitioned the county to do something about it. 

I thought about that recently as Mama Wordbones and I took our chairs down to the Patapsco River for a Sunday afternoon chill out. The water was clear and cool and the sun was perfect. We were also not alone.
It wasn't crowded. There was a group of four young women wading in the water and a family of four just getting ready to leave. Further up the river we could hear sounds of a little more raucous group taking turns on a rope swing

In other words, there was revelry but it rather reserved as revelry goes. Nobody seemed to be bothering anyone.

It’s nice to know that there are still places, close by, where rules and behavior are self enforced. Watch out for the kids, pick up your trash, respect each others space and don’t behave like an asshole. If everyone adheres to these simple tenets, it works.

It did occur to me that this could just as easily go the other way. That would be unfortunate. 
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